About Gulmarg

Snow capped mountains; exotic views of the mountains, peace, and serenity are some of the clauses

About Gulmarg

Snow capped mountains; exotic views of the mountains, peace, and serenity are some of the clauses that would be the best to initiate the vital information on Gulmarg, the paradise on earth. The destination is lined with forested valleys and mountains. The major fact about Gulmarg is that it lacks the crowd which is characteristic of all major hill stations including Shimla and Manali. This is what makes Gulmarg one of the best places for the tourists to visit in the summers. The hill station also provides ample opportunities for the tourists to undertake courses on adventure sports like skiing, mountaineering by practicing in exotic locations. Other primary places of interest include cable car, trekking tracks and much more. On the valleys in Gulmarg, a lot of sporting events like Golf take place. Gulmarg is one of the best destinations for honeymoons and there are a lot of Bollywood movies that are shot in Gulmarg. There are a good number of tour operators who operate tour programs for the tourists. All these tour programs cover most of the places and provide the tourists an awesome holiday experience.

Stay In Gulmarg: The following information on Gulmarg regarding the weather of Gulmarg during various phases of the year would help the tourists to schedule their visit to the majestic destination. Located in the lap of the Himalayas, the weather of Gulmarg remains cool most of the times. The summers start from the month of March and the temperature varies between 13 degree Celsius and 29 degree Celsius. The weather of Gulmarg remains mild during this time and this is the best time for holidaying at Gulmarg. Tourists can also enjoy snowfalls in the area during this time. the monsoons last between July and August and are the best time for a visit by all the adventure seekers. The rainfall is moderate and does not hinder any sort of enjoyment by the tourists. The winters last from November onwards when the temperature falls to about -4 degrees Celsius. The season is the best for skiing purposes on the snow covered mountains. The view of the mountains is a visual treat for the tourists although the extreme climate could cause some problems. All the necessary precautions need to be taken for the children and old tourists for an enjoyable stay.The major places to visit in Gulmarg include Ningle Nallah, Drung, Alpathar Lake. A map of Gulmarg can be used by the tourists to locate the places of interest and have a memorable holiday. Tourists can also enjoy the large variety of adventure sports that take place at the destination. The information on Gulmarg adventure activities can be easily found online or from any of the local tour operators. There are a good number of hotels available for accommodation in Gulmarg. Most of these can even be found on the map of Gulmarg. All of these accommodation options are priced decently and would fit the budget of every tourist.

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